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                關 鍵 詞:
                M G 廣汽豐田漢蘭達前霧燈罩新款 供應 汽車內外飾用品 汽車膜
                2020-04-19 00:39


                • 品牌: 美仕納
                • 起訂:20
                • 供貨總量:346
                • 發貨期限: 自買家付款之日起 1 天內發貨
                • 所在地: 北京
                • 有效期至: 長期有效
                • 隔熱率0(%) (%)
                • 類型隔熱膜
                • 品牌美仕納
                • 適用車型TOYOTA/豐田
                • 透光率0(%) (%)
                • 型號YOG00000311
                1) NO MOQ 2) Trial orders are acceptable. 3) Stocks available 4) Competitive price: Less Than half of OEM parts prices 5) Fast and prompt Delivery: 0-30 days 6) OEM service offered 7) We can provide moulds making, whose prices are more cheaper than market prices 8) Well and High Quality Control, Quality can be promised 9) More than 20 years experience since 1990 10) Meticulous workmanship by expert hands of Professional workers 11) No child labor 12) We also can provide Doors, Hood, Fender ,Radiator Support…Of other brands & styles Auto body parts as Followings: Sedan:HYUNDAI,TOYOTA,NISSAN,MAZDA,MITSUBISHI,HONDA,forAUDI,CHEVROLET,FORD,BUICK,Citroen, Peugeot, VW,BENZ,BMW,RENAULT,BRILLANCE,CHERY,GEELY.SAIC MOTOR,BYDCommercial Mini Bus :TOYOTA HIACE, HYUNDAI, TRANSIT ,JINGBEI, JOYLONG, KINGLONG ,SOUTHEAST DELICAHeavy Truck: ISUZU,FAW AUMANLight Truck:ISUZU JAC YUEJIN FOTON FAW JMCPick-up Car:ISUZU GREATWALL JMC
                Samples: If you need the sample to check the quality of the product, which can be sent out within 10days, and the goods can be sent within one month Payment: We can provide the FOB price, and the payment are T/T , L/C Packing: We can provide original package, wood pallet and others as customer’s requirements
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